Concrete Cleaning

in Livermore Falls, ME

Concrete Cleaning Services

Do you have a commercial space or a garage floor that your concrete is looking dingy and a mop doesn’t seem to help? Pro-Flooring has the tools to steam clean your slabs, walkways and patios and bring your concrete back to life. We will start by applying a concrete targeted enzyme, scrub it with our counter rotating brush machine and then steam clean it at 220 degrees (1,000 psi) removing all the dirt and grime. Additionally we can add a layer of sealer if you choose or just a clean concrete slab, walkway or patio. If you choose we can add a layer of sealer to your concrete to help protect those open pores.

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Commercial concrete must be kept clean at all times in order to maintain a clean and appealing environment. Concrete is highly-absorbent, meaning dirt, oil, and dust are trapped easier especially in those high traffic areas.

Let Pro-Flooring provide a cleaning solution that will preserve the life of your concrete floor, allowing it to retain a more professional appearance all year round.


Concrete Cleaning


Our Concrete Cleaning Service is sure to exceed all of your expectations. Have a look at some of our most recent concrete cleaning jobs.

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