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Upholstery Cleaning Services

Some of your most used furniture and least thought about to have cleaned tend to harvest germs and bacteria. The oils from your body, especially around the head rest area will begin to show some very rough, dirty spots and this is caused from the oils of your head. With a good upholstery enzyme, and some scrubbing we have been very successful to removing these sorts of oils and dirt to make your furniture look alive again. We have been known to bring back the 30 year old chair to be a staple in the living room again.

Don’t forget that animals

have oils too that will leave lasting wear if not treated and cleaned. Once cleaned we can finish up with a sealer to your upholstery that will protect your furniture from those oil absorbing so fast. Annual cleaning will help with keeping those oils down and making your furniture last for years to come.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

We can help extend the life of your carpet in your office building or commercial property. We will utilize the same hot water extraction method to provide a deep clean, even in those high traffic spaces. To learn more about our Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Services contact us today!


Upholstery Cleaning


Our Upholstery Cleaning Service is sure to exceed all of your expectations. Take a look at some of our recent cleanings.

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