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VCT Cleaning Services

 VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) is a tile that is typically commercially laid and should stripped down and re-waxed (3-5 layers) every 3 years and maintained with a buffing annually. Pro-Flooring is equipped to take the stress off you and maintain your VCT to is maximum potential .


What is VCT? 

Vinyl Composition Tile is a commercial grade tile that come in different pigments, limestone and fillers with a thermoplastic binder to make up the VCT chips and uses heat by fusing the chips together to make a solid form and cut into tiles. VCT will usually be laid in a unique pattern or designs, but doesn’t have to be. It has a dry back which means it requires glue to keep these tiles in their place.

VCT is very porous which makes it more susceptible to moisture, that is why a topical wax is highly recommended once laid to protect it. VCT is durable and resislient and has flexibility. The final step to finishing the install is applying a minimum of 3 coats of wax to give it that shine and maintained each year with buffing and reapplying wax.

Commercial VCT Cleaning

VCT is an incredibly common type of commercial flooring that is used in schools, retail spaces, churches and medical facilities. To learn more about our Commercial VCT Floor Cleaning Services contact us today!


VCT Floor Cleaning

Before & after

Your business will shine from the benefits of a fresh clean flooring. Take a look at some of our recent before & after cleanings.

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